Veronica and Bryan  {New York City + New Canaan Wedding Photography}

Veronica and Bryan {New York City + New Canaan Wedding Photography}featured

The forecast called for rain, but Veronica and Bryan had the most perfect wedding day from start to finish. Blue skies and all!   After they exited the LDS  Manhattan Temple where the ceremony was held, it seemed like the city celebrated the day right along with them. We went to Central Park and Grand Central station for portraits, and Veronica and Bryan must have felt like celebrities with all the attention they received.  We lost track of the hundreds upon hundreds of people who stopped and smiled as they passed,  shouted “Congratulations,” made comments about bride’s gorgeous dress, or snapped a picture of the happy couple.  It was truly remarkable to be surrounded by cheering crowds (literally!) who were so thrilled for these strangers on the happiest day of their lives. After the wedding in New York City, Veronica and Bryan’s friends nearest and dearest gathered at Waveny House in New Canaan, CT for a stunning reception on a perfect summer night.

I’ve never had such a hard time putting together a preview. I feel like I could have easily shown you at least three times what I’ve displayed below, but I hope you enjoy a little peek into this gorgeous day. Congratulations, Veronica and Bryan!


*My second shooter was the incredibly talented Erin Hallmark, who met me in NYC to assist.  She has the most amazing eye, and I absolutely love working with her.  Thanks, Erin!


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Reception at Waveny House, New Canaan



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V+B Preview_0059

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V+B Preview_0070


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