V Family {Portrait of a London Family}

V Family {Portrait of a London Family}featured

Have you ever been somewhere so beautiful that your jaw drops?  No, not just in your head.  A place that actually makes your jaw drop, and you stand there gawking like an idiot.  Well, that was me when I stepped through the magical gate into Maureen’s courtyard. I was there for a product shoot for her fantastic sticker subscription website, Pipsticks, but as she led me through her home to her office, I couldn’t stop smiling. I’ve never seen a more beautiful flat in my entire life.  No joke!  Incredible.  So, when Maureen asked if I could come photograph her home and family for a feature on Design Mom, called Living With Kids…. um, yes please.  She was lucky I didn’t drop my phone and head right to her house then and there.

When I see Gabby’s posts on Design Mom, I always want to see more pictures of the homes she features as well as see the families who live there.  So, I’m thrilled to be able to do just that!  Prepare yourself for a photo overload!

The design of this incredible home is flawless, each room has a function and a personality all its own, and the light flooding in from the enormous windows is just too much.  It’s perfection, truly, and Maureen and Nathan make a fantastic design time.  I want them to come decorate my house!  Perhaps my favorite aspect about this home is how much the family members’ personalities shine through in each room.  I love the Star Wars art spread throughout the home, how there’s a guitar in the middle of their bookshelf  and giant bean bags on the floor in the living room, how they let their children ride their little push cars in the enormous kitchen, that the colors in each room are vibrant and lovely set against the bright white walls, and each space is perfectly curated, yet cozy and kid-friendly.  The master bedroom is something to behold, and  I’ll be dreaming about for a while.  It is the perfect retreat.  You’re going to love it!

Midway through, I put in a few family photographs for you to enjoy.   If you read through Maureen’s interview and then take a look at these family portraits, you’ll see that Maureen is as authentic as they come and she means what she says in her interview!. Her home is a happy one, and although it seems like she lives in a fairytale, I can assure you it’s a real fairytale 🙂    I loved capturing a few of their favorite family activities: drawing with paint markers on their glass staircase, and making an amazing fort in their living room. .  And I smile when I see the images and can hear the laughter as we tried to photograph three children under five.   Indeed, Gabby hit the nail on the head when she said that Maureen is a great instant friend.  And a creative, happy, inspiring, successful business owner and mother of (almost) four to boot!  And after seeing these images of her incredible home, you really will want to be her best friend.

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