The Great Film Experiment {Personal Work}

The Great Film Experiment {Personal Work}featured

I don’t share nearly enough personal work, but I thought I’d share my most recent endeavor: attempting to shoot film. I’ve been wanting to shoot film since 2009 when photography became my favorite hobby, but have never been able to justify it as a professional experiment before.  Film is expensive to process, and as there is a steep learning curve and adjustment from shooting digital, it’s never been a row I’ve been able to hoe (especially during busy season in spring/fall).

With a supportive husband, and a sabbatical from professional shooting for a time (now over!) I was able to take some time and try shooting film. I purchased a medium format Contax 645 for professional work, and borrowed my Granddad’s Zeiss Icon Contaflex from my dad to shoot 35mm personal work.

I still have a lot to learn, but I was most especially blown away by the images my Granddad’s vintage Zeiss produced. The first half are from the Zeiss Ikon Contaflex, the second half are from the Contax 645 (though you can probably tell by the crop ratio!) I’ve tried to label where all the photos were taken.  Enjoy!


White Cliffs of Dover.  This man stopped me because he saw me shooting with the old Zeiss, and we had a pleasant chat about cameras.  Turns out he has several Contax cameras, and I’m totally regretting not asking for his email address so I could send him this photograph of him and his wife and dog.  When I took this shot he said “That sounded great.” 

Contaflex_LHC_002   My beautiful mother.

Contaflex_LHC_004 Contaflex_LHC_006 Contaflex_LHC_007

Lighthouse at Dover with her Nana and Granddad

Contaflex_LHC_010 Contaflex_LHC_011

Canterbury Cathedral

Contaflex_LHC_017 Contaflex_LHC_018

Glastonbury Abbey: Contaflex_LHC_020 Contaflex_LHC_021 Contaflex_LHC_022 Contaflex_LHC_023 Contaflex_LHC_024

(Above right, and next 6 images, Boscastle, Cornwall)

Contaflex_LHC_026 Contaflex_LHC_027 Contaflex_LHC_028

Next 7:  Cornwall Cliff Path from Boscastle to Cornwall Contaflex_LHC_031 Contaflex_LHC_032 Contaflex_LHC_033   Contaflex_LHC_037 Contaflex_LHC_038

Old Post Office, Tintagel.  My favorite building in England


Above right, and next 3:  St. Nectan’s Glen, near Tintagel, Cornwall

Contaflex_LHC_040 Contaflex_LHC_042

Next 6:  The Lizard, Cornwall

Contaflex_LHC_043 Contaflex_LHC_044 Contaflex_LHC_046 Contaflex_LHC_047 Contaflex_LHC_048 Contaflex_LHC_049

Next 4:  St. Just in Roseland, Roseland Peninsula, Cornwall

Contaflex_LHC_052 Contaflex_LHC_053

Contax 645: 

Contax 645_LHC_019 Contax 645_LHC_020 Contax 645_LHC_021 Contax 645_LHC_022

Kate in Courtney Adamo’s gorgeous home (wish it were mine!)

Contax 645_LHC_023 Contax 645_LHC_024

Kew Gardens with Kate and my parents: Contax 645_LHC_027 Contax 645_LHC_028 Contax 645_LHC_031 Contax 645_LHC_032

Treasures from Sunbury Antique Market at Kempton Park.  Contax 645_LHC_033

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