Tatum’s 5th Birthday Party {Plaza Hotel, New York City}featured

Can you imagine a more perfect location for a city girl’s birthday party than the Eloise Tea Room at the Plaza? I can’t either.  Tatum’s birthday was a dream, and let me tell you, these girls were in heaven.  It was such a joy to capture these little ladies as they adorned fancy dress-ups and put on a fashion show (accompanied by Tatum on the piano), designed their own tote bags with sparkly jewels and brightly-colored markers, had a tea party, a dance party, sang to the birthday girl, and devoured some delicious baked goodies.

Tatum’s mom went all-out making sure the details were just perfect, as usual (Remember last year? Amazing). My favorite part was watching her show Tatum the birthday cake at the beginning of the party. What a perfect start to a fabulous birthday party.




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