Southern Spain {Personal Work}

Southern Spain {Personal Work}featured

After a week in Morocco, we flew north to spend a week in Spain. I’ve posted a few highlights below, and looking back through them makes me want to go right back.  I chose to shoot only film on this holiday, and as a result, I wasn’t shooting constantly like I usually am. I felt like it was the first holiday where I actually enjoyed it rather than trying to capture it so that I could enjoy the memory later. Though I do wish I had a few more pictures to remember our travels, I will forever cherish these beautiful portraits.   We stayed at a beach resort near Marbella for 7 days and used it as a base for day trips to Cordoba, Gibraltar, and Granada. Highlights included watching the children ride a caballero’s horse,  spending mornings at the beach and evening barbeques at our resort, date nights with my husband while my parents and sister tended the children, and seeing the Alhambra during the day and at night (amazing!).  The low point was being attacked by a hungry monkey at the summit of Gibraltar who mistook my bag for his lunch.  I was able to laugh soon afterward, but my kids were terrified!  The food was fantastic throughout our stay, and one of the most memorable meals was our dinner in Granada and Mirador de Morayma in the Albayzín, which has the most beautiful view of the Alhambra. I’ve been dreaming of going back to Granada since my husband and I visited in 2007 during grad school, and I was so happy to return with our little ones.  It was a magical holiday.

 *All images below were taken with my Mamiya 645 on FujiPro 400h


Ronda, Spain


Lesley Colvin_Spain_001

Lesley Colvin_Spain_002

Lesley Colvin_Spain_003

Lesley Colvin_Spain_004

Lesley Colvin_Spain_005

Lesley Colvin_Spain_006

Lesley Colvin_Spain_007

Lesley Colvin_Spain_008

Lesley Colvin_Spain_009

Lesley Colvin_Spain_010

Lesley Colvin_Spain_011




Gibraltar, GB


Lesley Colvin_Spain_012

Lesley Colvin_Spain_013

Lesley Colvin_Spain_014

Lesley Colvin_Spain_015

Lesley Colvin_Spain_016

Lesley Colvin_Spain_017


Cordoba, Spain


Lesley Colvin_Spain_018

Lesley Colvin_Spain_019

Lesley Colvin_Spain_020

Lesley Colvin_Spain_021

Lesley Colvin_Spain_022





La Alhambra, Granada, Spain

Lesley Colvin_Spain_023

Lesley Colvin_Spain_024

Lesley Colvin_Spain_025

Lesley Colvin_Spain_027

Lesley Colvin_Spain_028

Lesley Colvin_Spain_029


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