Portrait of a Tiny New Yorker {Brooklyn Newborn Portraits}featured





p.s. do you want to know why newborn sessions are my favorite?  Well, I’ll give you a hint. It’s not because of the newborn babies.  It’s their parents.  There’s nothing sweeter than watching parents.  Seeing their intuition and innate confidence as a new mom or dad. Watching them tenderly calm, gently hold, and lovingly admire the tiny miracle before them.

So, if you meandered through these images looking only at this darling baby girl, do yourself a favor and scroll right back to the beginning and start again.

p.p.s. the first and last images are my favorites. And did you see the darling portrait of baby N with her great grandma? And how about the handmade baby accessories and the heirloom Eeyore (a family favorite)?  I love newborn portraits.

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