Matt & Stefanie’s Wedding Dinner {Salt Lake City, Utah}featured

I loved this casual, laid-back wedding dinner at Log Haven Restaurant up Millcreek Canyon.  Fabulous food, beautiful scenery, fun stories shared, good advice for the bride and groom, and lots and lots of laughter.

And I would personally like to thank my brother-in-law Jacob for saving my life when our table was called upon to share advice… my table-mates looked expectantly at me, and my mind went blank. Seven years of marriage and I can’t even think of some simple advice. Seriously?  When Jacob sensed my panic and he stood up and shared some wonderful, off-the-cuff advice with the bride and groom:  “smile together… everyday.”  Thanks Jake. The more I think about it, the more I realize what great advice that is.

Wedding day coming up next…


my sister Erin and I made all of these tiny flag place cards with ribbon, and Erin wrote all of the names by hand. Darling handwriting, right?


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