Happy Birthday to You {A Rooftop Party for a Little New Yorker}featured

This shark-themed birthday party was absolutely darling. Manhattan mommies go all out, and I love it.  My favorite party elements included the darling favors, the fabulous homemade cake, and the fishing game, which was a childhood favorite of mine.  I also loved the simple kids activities like the soccer goals and the tunnel, and the kids loved them too!  
One thing this party lacked was presents, which was absolutely genius.  The “no gifts” request meant no new treasures for this family’s NYC apartment (let’s face it, they’re all small!), and the gifts that came from mom and dad and grandparents later were even more special. It also put the emphasis on the celebration rather than the gifts. I’m definitely going to start implementing this! 
This birthday boy seemed to have the best day ever at the center of it all.  Which is exactly how it should be when you’re turning three.



(apparently one was enough)
The End (you suburbanites have no idea how easy you have it when it comes to al fresco gatherings)

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