Frankie + Erin in Central Park {New York City Engagement Portraits}

Frankie + Erin in Central Park {New York City Engagement Portraits}featured

Frankie & Erin got up early to beat the crowds and  get the best morning light. It was well worth it!  It was a bit overcast, but the light was even and lovely and we practically had Central Park to ourselves.
We were so fortunate to have such a lovely, warmish, autumn foliage-filled morning to capture these lovebirds.  It was also fortuitous that we all had schedule changes that allowed us to bump up their session a week, because Hurricane Sandy hit just two days later.  It’s wonderful to look back and see these images that represent the calm before the storm.
P.S.   I never in a million years imagined that I’d be able to say to clients “hey remember that time we were shooting engagement portraits and I got hit by a bike?” Well, now I can say that when I talk to Frankie & Erin down the road.   I got flattened by a biker who clearly thought the park was empty enough that he didn’t have to look for people.  How in the world did he not see the large pregnant woman in the middle of a wide pedestrian path with a camera held up to her face (hello, NO BIKES allowed!)Thankfully the baby and I are fine, and my camera is too 🙂  Funny story.

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