Chiltern Valley Bluebells {Personal Work}

Chiltern Valley Bluebells {Personal Work}featured

My sister and I took our little ones to the Chiltern Valley to experience a bluebell forest.  We didn’t really know whether the drive with four children would be worth it or not, but our first sighting of the bluebells proved our day trip would be a magical one.  And it was.

These were taken with my Contax 645 using FujiPro 400h film, and processed by Carmencita Film Lab in Spain.


Lesley Colvin Bluebells_001

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_002

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_003

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_005

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_004

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_006

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_007

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_008

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_009

Screen Shot 2015-07-06 at 12.51.24 PM

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_011

Lesley Colvin Bluebells_010

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