We are pleased to announce the safe arrival of baby Kate!  The groundhog predicted an early spring, but what he didn’t predict was that our little one would arrive 6 days early, on that very night.

We were scheduled for a Caesarean section the following Monday, but our little girl just couldn’t wait to get here.  My labor progressed so quickly that my OB didn’t even make it in time (I arrived fully dilated!), and little Kate was delivered by the attending physician and resident.  I’m guessing there aren’t many women who are scheduled for C-sections that end up laboring un-medicated to a 10 only to get a spinal/epidural in the OR.  At least not many women who would do that on purpose.  It was a pretty crazy delivery, but we are so happy to have her here.

I could hardly believe it when my husband told me we had a baby girl! Up until just hours before delivery, I thought our baby was a boy (at 20 weeks I was positive she was a girl, then switched back to boy with a few weeks to go).  

Isn’t she beautiful?  More portraits to come…

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